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Microbiome Therapeutics Platform

Seres Therapeutics has built a proprietary discovery and design platform that enables us to understand the dysbiosis associated with specific diseases, and to rationally design tailored therapies to establish a healthy microbiome.

We draw upon the disciplines of systems biology and comparative genomics—as well as our expertise in isolating and characterizing microbes that have been historically difficult to cultivate—to create a new class of therapies aimed at establishing a healthy microbiome. We compare a vast trove of human data from relevant disease states with that from healthy individuals to characterize specific microbiome functions that are disrupted in states of dysbiosis.

Our deep understanding of the biology of specific microbes and the composition of the microbiome in healthy and diseased individuals allows us to identify “keystone” organisms and functional pathways whose absence or over-abundance may be driving a particular form of dysbiosis. The raw material for this effort is a proprietary library of thousands of characterized microbial strain isolates derived from healthy human donors, which provides the building blocks of Ecobiotic® drugs. Ecobiotic® drugs are compositions of commensal microbes that are designed to catalyze the transition to a healthy ecology of the microbiome and treat serious human conditions including inflammatory, metabolic, and infectious diseases.

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