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Seres is defined by its extraordinary people, and their passion is what drives us on our mission to help patients.

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At Seres, we’re leading the microbiome revolution — and our most revolutionary asset is our team. We’re courageous and deeply collaborative, and above all we’re passionate about the commitment we’ve made to blaze a new trail for the benefit of patients.

We are proud of our achievements thus far — including moving multiple novel therapeutics to the clinic for patients — achievements made possible by our amazing teams across the company.

Just as combinations of bacteria perform challenging biological tasks together, integration of our diverse expertise and insights allows us to drive the microbiome revolution and change the face of medicine for patients in need.

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One of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved in is putting together our state-of-the-art gnotobiotic program. This technology is really unique to Seres, and I was very proud to have been part of it. Outside of work I enjoy travel, riding motorcycles, and I am an avid bar trivia connoisseur.

Keith H.

Senior Manager, Pharmacology

A highlight of working at Seres is the ability to collaborate with scientists of many different backgrounds, which has given me the opportunity to learn new skill sets and think of problems from different angles. When I'm not at Seres I sing co-lead for a six-part rock band with friends from the North Shore. We currently play mostly covers, and we plan to book some shows at local venues while we work on more of our original material.

Shelby E.

Senior Associate in Analytical Development

It was great to be part of the team involved with our cluster computing project. The project took a lot of hard work but has become the backbone of our computational pipeline at Seres. One day I would like to create an AI/deep learning framework that can accelerate drug design by continuously crunching data and generating hypotheses without human intervention. I'd obviously make sure it didn't become sentient and evil... more Wall-E, less HAL.

Varun M.

Senior Scientist, Computational Biology

I always look forward to R&D's Data and Donuts presentations, which is a casual environment to present research-in-progress and receive feedback and ideas from a wider audience. Outside of science, I have taught group exercise for almost ten years. It started as a fun way to get physical activity and exert energy in college, but now is a great way to end the workday and maintain a healthy life-work balance.

Mahmoud S.

Scientist II, Microbiology and Functional Screening

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