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About Seres

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform the lives of patients worldwide with revolutionary microbiome therapeutics.

Seres Therapeutics is creating a new class of medicines using live bacteria to treat diseases resulting from functional deficiencies in the microbiome, a condition known as dysbiosis

New insights into the human microbiome are fundamentally reshaping how we understand and treat a wide range of diseases, creating new possibilities for patients not served by current approaches. We are a clinical biopharmaceutical company with a powerful platform to discover and develop drugs to treat diseases in multiple areas of medicine that arise from dysbiosis.

Our team of drug development experts discovers and designs new medicines using our proprietary microbiome therapeutics platform.

We pinpoint functional differences between a healthy and dysbiotic microbiome, and rationally design potential Ecobiotic® drugs. These therapeutics are ecological compositions made up of beneficial organisms that are designed to target functional deficiencies and reestablish keystone features of a healthy microbiome. Our discovery efforts currently span metabolic, inflammatory, and infectious diseases.

Fast Facts:

Founded: 2010 by Flagship Pioneering
Location: Cambridge, MA
Our Name: Seres is the plural noun of the word Sere, defined as the sequence of ecological communities that undergo succession
CEO: Eric Shaff
Areas of focus: Infectious disease, inflammatory/immunology (including immuno-oncology)

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