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Ecobiotic Drugs

Ecobiotic® drugs are combinations of selected microbes that may catalyze a shift of the microbiome from a state that supports disease to a state that supports health.

Ecobiotic® drugs are targeted to help restore the complex underlying ecology and function of a healthy human microbiome. With a rational approach to drug design and development, our current therapeutic candidates are actively going through multiple stages of pre-clinical and clinical testing to optimize their safety and efficacy prior to being considered for approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How Ecobiotic® Drugs May Work

We design Ecobiotic® drugs using our proprietary microbiome therapeutics platform. This technology gives us insights into the microbiome associated with health and disease states, allowing us to create effective therapies that are designed to disrupt unhealthy microbial ecological networks and that catalyze the establishment of healthy ones. Ecobiotic® drugs are designed to rapidly and safely treat serious diseases by positively reshaping the microbiome.

Our approach to drug design offers the first opportunity to treat a wide range of illnesses based on identifying and effectively treating the underlying disruptions to the human microbiome, or dysbiosis. We have advanced our Ecobiotic® drug, SER-109, a Phase 3 stage program for use in preventing recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, and plan to use our technology platform to develop an array of Ecobiotic® drugs to treat serious diseases. SER-287 is currently being studied in a Phase 2b study in patients with active mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis.

We plan to use our technology platform to develop an array of Ecobiotic® drugs to treat serious diseases.

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